Tel: (206) 965-9049

      YuChai childcare was established in 2008. It is a home setting Montessori daycare, and professional. It has been one of the best daycares in DEL and the City of Seattle Food Program Department.

     YuChai is truly an unique daycare and preschool. YuChai has structured programs every day, each class takes about 15-20 minutes. Kids learn numbers, letters, colors with little toys. Kids love these classes, which help them to build up interest of learning. YuChai’s kids learn being well behaved and knowledgeable. They are happier, healthier and busier.

     YuChai offers mandarin Chinese class, (a bonus of YuChai as parents said,) and preschool classes in English. When the kids graduate from YuChai, all kids know many things in Chinese. They are able to communicate and understand Chinese, and many of them can even read some Chinese characters. Their English and math’s levels are far beyond Seattle Public Schools standard when they are ready to go to kindergarten; some of them join Advanced Learning/Spectrum program in Seattle Public Schools.

     YuChai provides daily video program, parents can see what their kids learn and how their kids do when they join the programs. YuChai has cooking class program, kids can make dumplings each week. Not only it is good for their motor skill and it is very fun to learn, but also they can enjoy their own food as their lunch are dumplings they make on that day.

     YuChai offers lunch, all meals are home made with fresh vegetable and variety of fresh fruits. The kids eat healthy meals everyday. Also YuChai offers growing journal for all kids, detailed daily reports everyday, more other programs and outdoor activities. The kids learn a lot with play and fun, in a clean and neat environment.

     Besides the programs above, YuChai offers kids the opportunity to play musical instrument, such as piano/keyboard, little drum, and etc. Every child has turn to play in the music program, helping them to develop brain and music interest.

If you would like to know more about YuChai daycare, you can contact Gui at 206-965-9049 or send an email to: gxzhang@comcast.net.